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What does the 2018 crypto market crash mean for blockchain adoption?

As the cryptoasset market slump continued, with the total market cap shrinking to $131 billion and few signs of recovery, a panic atmosphere settled in among enthusiasts towards the end of 2018. The question arises: What does the 2018 crypto market crash mean for blockchain adoption? 

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The best books to read about blockchain — LBL’s Top 10

The LBL Team has collectively produced a reading list, accommodating for the 100+ degree disciplines represented in our member base, to provide an objective multi-sided introduction to and understanding of blockchain technology. These 10 books, grouped by category, can take you from a blockchain beginner to a technically adept investor, business leader or give you a grounding to start a journey into blockchain development.

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The Technology Revolution: Silicon Valley to London

For a London-bred millennial, my time studying at London School of Economics has been an eye-opening experience. As one of the most international and diverse campuses in the world, LSE is filled with some really smart students and I have learnt a lot from them. One of the many benefits from studying at LSE is the possibility to study abroad and I feel privileged to have been given that opportunity at UC Berkeley where I was immersed in the high-tech world of Silicon Valley.

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